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Want the latest scoop on all thing vegan? This is the place for you. Whether you’re just now easing into the vegan lifestyle, or you’re a long-time vegan, there’s something for everyone here.

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Did You Know?

In the U.S., 2% of the population consider themselves vegan. And 5% consider themselves vegatarian.
Source: Report Buyer
Environmental footprint of veg diets are 30% lower than non-veg diets.

Source: Food Navigator

It’s easier than ever to be vegan! U.S. lant-based food market up 8.1%

Source: Food Navigator



The other morning, at my place of work, someone brought in vegan “Breakfast Cookies”.  (Breakfast cookies, I suppose,  are like regular cookies, but have enough “healthy ingredients” like oats and pumpkin, to be considered a good replacement for cereal). Now, these cookies were delicious, moist and sweet, and although the cook is not vegan, she …